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PAPST LICENSING is a global patent licensing and monetization firm. Since 1993, PAPST LICENSING has commercialized several hundred patents in the field of electrical, electronical, software and precision engineering. PAPST LICENSING has since executed more than 170 license agreements with well-known corporations in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States. PAPST LICENSING has the know-how
  • to track down patent infringements,
  • to analyze products and markets,
  • to negotiate license agreements,
  • and to monitor the compliance with license agreements.


PAPST LICENSING relies on its international network of patent and litigation attorneys, engineers and economists to help it analyze patents, products and markets. Where there has been a patent infringement, PAPST LICENSING contacts the infringing parties directly in order to initiate negotiations. The goal is not to prohibit the use of the patent, but rather to conclude a license which ultimately generates royalty payments. If negotiations fail, PAPST LICENSING is prepared to fund and effectively pursue related patent litigation. PAPST LICENSING has years and years of experience in patent litigation, epsecially in the United States.


Welcome to Papst Licensing, St.Georgen

PAPST LICENSING has more than 20 years experience in patent licensing agreements with over 170 licenses completed.