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Patent Infringement
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Papst Licensing - Patent licensing company

In order that patents maintain their value for the holder, a patent infringement must be actively pursued. We pursue the patent infringement with the objective of sharing the fruits of any patent exploitation with the original holder of the patent. Granting licenses, or licensing, has significant advantages over just suing against patent infringement: once a technology has been successfully launched on the market, it often makes more sense in economic terms to participate in the success via patent exploitation than to have a monopoly situation imposed through the courts.
Patent Infringement

Help for patent infringement

Our business model includes the following procedures: a patent holder establishes a patent infringement and contacts with us. After closely examining the patent and the extent of the patent infringement, Papst Licensing acquires the patent and pursues the infringement at their own risk and in their own name – from the careful analysis of the product, evaluation of the worldwide patent infringement volume, local negotiations and, if necessary, all the way through to legal enforcement. Our objective is a contractually defined license situation which regulates financial participation in the use of the patent. In contrast to patent law firms, we handle patent exploitation management in the event of a patent infringement as well as the entire economic side of the patent exploitation process. This also includes supervising license payments and, in the case of irregularities, handling reminders and debt collection. In particular, we assume the entire financial risk of patent exploitation.


Papst Licensing