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Welcome to Papst Licensing, St.Georgen

Papst Licensing has both the tools and the competence to take effective action against infringers of patents and to bring about patent enforcement and patent exploitation.
  • observe and analyze products, technologies and markets in view of possible patent enforcement
  • are backed in our activities on behalf of the patent owner by a network of international attorneys and patent lawyers, technical consultants and market analysts.
  • exploit national and international patents by granting licenses, or licensing
  • have the know-how from over 1000 license negotiations with major international corporations in Europe, Japan, China, Korea and the USA.
  • have long-term experience with judicial proceedings and patent enforcement, particularly in the USA.
  • draw up license agreements
  • monitor license contracts.
  • handle reminders and debt collection activities in the event of irregularities concerning the licensee.
Papst Licensing

Business Model Patent Monetization

Our business model is based on the following approach: You assign your intellectual properties to us, and we commercialize and license the intellectual property rights as the holder of those rights. This model has been successful because PAPST LICENSING
  • enforces infringed patents in its own name
  • finances the enforcement of patents itself
  • bears the risk itself
  • can operate independently and autonomously
This model provides you with the following advantages:
  • no direct costs as a result of the commercialization process
  • minimum tie-up of internal resources
  • access to an extensive professional network of litigation and patent attorneys, technical experts and market analysts
  • avoidance of direct conflicts with customers, suppliers and competitors
  • improved prospects for success and earnings as a result of having a competent and experienced partner whose independence allows it to operate freely
In addition to this model, we also offer a form of cooperation, according to which you can retain ownership of the patents.


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